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we are looking for partners in: Auckland, Tauranga, Bay of Islands, Taupo, Rotorua, Milford Sound and Australia




Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (also known as Ahipara), lived two dreamers.

A year ago, one of them came back home frozen to the bone after playing with waves & winds for hours and hours... and a crazy vision was suddenly born!

What if we could :

play in the water while staying warm and connect with like-minded people

 be free out there - in the water, free to salute the rising sun or moon, to spot constellations or reimagine the clouds shapes

relax in hot water and cruise through New Zealand`s breath-taking scenery 

create unforgettable water-made-memories while enjoying the great outdoors 


You might think "those two are dreamers" :) but they were certainly not the only ones. 

They found the invention "HotTug" in Netherlands and thanks to the support, the creative thinking and the help of so many, here in New Zealand, they finally made it!

(Words are not enough to thank everybody who supported this vision! A page dedicated to them will be added soon)

And ...


One year later, here we are in 2018, ready to present you the new form of freedom!  

Join us for the unique Cruising Jacuzzi experience ! 

Sincerely Yours,

Two grateful dreamers

(Now #thecompanymakers --> happily ever since, in Wellington)

--------- One of those moments in the VIDEO below --------------



Meeting point: upon booking only

Queens wharf - Yellow cabin (in front of Fergs kayak)


Call us : +642041247704                     

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