Contact us to book Cruising Jacuzzi for your special event !

We would be thrilled to assist you designing your unique experience or celebration.

The length of the cruise can be adjusted according to your needs.

We can also help with ideas to keep your group busy aboard :)

Fun challenges, fishing, accessories, floating board-games - the sky is the limit!

Cruising Jacuzzi - has a mobile setup and can travel across New Zealand - how awesome is that :)

Floating Venue for your Event

Make a heart skip a beat !

Included in the Cruising Jacuzzi gift voucher :

* daydreaming, stargazing, limited sunset and sunrise editions

 * exclusive waterfront ownership for 1h30 min :)

* fresh swim and warm float recovery in the Cruising Jacuzzi

* submersion in your favorite tunes * a bucket of fire wood * giant swan and drinking water.

Possible options: marshmallow roast, romantic cruise, snorkel gear, birthday float, or pirates team building combined with fishing... Endless possibilities for a life less ordinary :)

Get in touch with us, share your ideas and we will do our best to make it happen.

Gift voucher for Cruising Jacuzzi


  • exclusive 90 minutes cruise in Wellington waterfront

    1 hr 30 min

    345 New Zealand dollars

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